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You're never too old to learn something new; take another chance; create another goal; or keep dreaming...  You're never too young either!

Welcome to the CREW-OKC Paths program!

Regardless of our age or our years of experience, we all have unique knowledge and experiences that could help guide someone else... someone who is building their career, who is trying to balance work with their personal life, or maybe even trailblazing a new path.  With that in mind, the CREW-OKC Paths program has been designed as an experience that allows CREW-OKC members to participate both as a Guide and as a Seeker.  CREW-OKC Paths is available only to CREW OKC members.  The goals are to:

  • Create high-quality relationships

  • Build business acumen

  • Enhance information sharing across CREW OKC

  • Develop future networking opportunities

  • Focus on mutual learning for both Guides and Seekers​

But every journey begins with a step...  Step 1.

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