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Program Timeline

Through March 15

April 1 - October 31

November - January

CREW-OKC Members register to participate as a Guide and/or as a Seeker.

Participants can begin signing up for sessions using the CREW-OKC Paths website.  Guides are available for one 1-hour mentoring session for each of the seven months.

Program surveys are completed.  Based on the survey results, the program is updated for the following year.

How the program works

-  CREW-OKC members interested in participating must first complete the form found on the Registration tab.  Deadline to sign-up for the program will be March 15.

-  While we encourage all members to consider themselves qualified to teach or advise others, members have the choice to register as a Guide, a Seeker, or as both.

-  Guides must commit to being available for one 1-hour session per month from April through November for a total commitment of only seven (7) hours.

-  Once a Guide submits their biographical information through the Registration tab, it will be added to the "Schedule a Session" page and made available for all Seekers to see on March 15.

-  Seekers can request a 1-hour session with a particular Guide by completing and submitting the Request Form found on the Guide's bio page.  While a Seeker can only request one session with that Guide, there is no limit to the number of Guides they can meet with.

Note:  Guides may also participate as Seekers and request sessions with other Guides.  

-  Once a session has been requested, the Guide will confirm receipt of the request.  When and how they meet that month is up to the Guide and the Seeker to arrange.  They may choose to meet by phone, by Zoom, or in person.

-  The Seeker is responsible for emailing the Guide within a week of the actual meeting date.  The purpose of the email is to confirm the meeting date and the time and to inform the Guide of the topics to be discussed.


Note:  These meetings are not opportunities to solicit business or to network.  Seekers should honor their Guides' time by seeking specific advice on one or more issues that affect the Seeker's personal or business growth and development.

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