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Before you sign-up...

Before you sign-up to be a Guide and/or a Seeker, please review the following expectations for each role.


Respect your Guide's time by seeking specific advice on one or more issues that affect your personal or business growth and development.  Remember that these sessions are not opportunities to solicit business or to network.  

At least one week in advance of the meeting, email your Guide with a list of the topics you would like to discuss.

Be realistic about what you can expect from your Guide.

Tap into your Guide for specific advice on something (i.e. How should I approach this situation?  How should I get my message across?)

Respectfully challenge and speak your mind; listen and probe during discussions.

Be receptive to feedback, guidance, different perspectives and new ideas.

Take ownership for your own growth and development.

Respect confidentiality.


Please reply promptly to a Session Request email.  It will be up to you and the Seeker to coordinate when and how you meet that month.

Keep the Seeker's development goals in mind.

Observe, listen and guide rather than direct.

Balance giving advice with asking questions to get more information and to help the Seeker discover her own answers.

Ask hypothetical questions to challenge thinking through new and different situations.

Share knowledge, skills, best practices and personal experiences/perspectives.

Be willing to share stories of failure as well as success.

Ensure your Seeker retains ownership of any problems they bring up as well as the decisions about how to solve them.

Respect confidentiality.

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